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Chloe Coscarelli, the famous award-winning chef and best-selling cookbook author (Chloe’s Vegan Kitchen, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, and Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen), has already started her new adventure as a restaurant owner. Chloe partnered with ESquared Hospitality to turn her longtime passion for vegan cuisine in a new vegan restaurant, by CHLOE, which was opened at the end of July, this summer.


Photo: by CHLOE

Not only by CHLOE’s meals are 100% vegan, but they are also delicious and nourishing, made from whole ingredients, without preservatives and/or artificial flavors. All of the menu items (including nut milks, condiments, pasta, cheese…) are made 100% by them.
“I felt a need for having really delicious, high-quality food that is easier to access…I’m trying to show people that, yes, you can eat like that every day,” says Coscarelli.


Chloe Coscarelli (Photo: by CHLOE)

Located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, this cute and bright vegan restaurant already has a waiting line out the door. Which is no surprise since their menu looks amazing!

Let’s take a look at some of the offers.


Quinoa Taco Salad, Pesto Meatball, Air Baked French Fries (Photo: by CHLOE)


From cinnamon rolls and pancakes with whipped maple butter and coconut whipped cream to scrambled tofu and maple sausage, this brunch menu is awesome!

Kale Caesar

With shiitake bacon, avocado, almond parm, maple-wheat croutons and Caesar dressing, this vegan Caesar salad is a must try!

Smashed avocado toast

That would be ideal for breakfast!


From craft bottled beers, wine and cocktails, to smoothies, cold-pressed juices, kombucha, tea and much more, this place rocks!


Kale Matcha Mojito Cocktail (Photo: by CHLOE)

Beet ketchup

Yes, have their air baked french fries with their beet ketchup! That must be yummy!

Kale Ice Cream

Kale and Ice Cream become one! Everything is possible at by CHLOE!

Whiskey BBQ

Ok, smoky portobello mushrooms & seitan with grilled pineapple, bourbon BBQ… and the list goes on! Definitely gorgeous!

Already excited? Yes, me too! Can’t wait to visit this heaven! Way to go Chloe!