What secret ingredients gave her chili the taste of a winner?

Chef Mama T proves that vegan food taste can win over the taste of animal-based dishes. She won the chili cook-off contest in this year’s Chili Pepper Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii, hosted by Aloha Farm Lovers Market. Mama T’s vegan recipe beat two meat-based recipes from two famous local chefs.

An interesting fact is that tasters at the market didn’t know that Mama T’s chili is vegan. She didn’t tell the secret until after the votes were in.


But what did Mama T add in this chili recipe so it came out as a winner? Even if we don’t have the exact recipe, she did share few of the ingredients she used. There were few meat alternatives like Tofurkey’s Smokey Maple Bacon Tempeh, Field Roast Mexican Chipotle Sausage, and veggie beef crumbles. But the main thing that added the ‘magic’ flavor and consistency was pureed, roasted eggplant. As Mama T says, “The eggplant added a sweet, creamy consistency that was indescribable.”

Get ready for some chili, because we can surely try to experiment with these now!
Well done Mama T, for showing that vegan food is even tastier! And congratulations!