Comfort your skin with this anti-inflammatory juice.

Juicing is really popular nowadays and not for nothing. It surely deserves its popularity, since vegetable juices are a great way to boost the immune system, our energy levels, and our overall health. They are full of nutrients that our body needs to be able to do its work.

So why not give our body the best?

This juice is a perfect anti-inflammatory agent and it is also beneficial for the skin. It has ingredients like red cabbage, orange, and lime that are high In vitamin C. They are powerful antioxidants and boost collagen, which is essential for our skin health.

The cucumber is also known and used for healthy skin, since it is high in water, and as you may already know, hydration is vital for healthy skin. And it is also powerful with antioxidant benefits for us.

Then there is the beetroot, which is great friend with the liver and helps in cleansing it. It contains zinc and copper, which are also beneficial for the skin.

We also have the almighty ginger, which is well known for reducing inflammation.

And finally, carrots. I guess you already know that the beta-carotene they provide is great for the skin! They are also another ingredient in this juice that is providing variety, of antioxidants.

So enjoy this juice and start glowing!

Here is the recipe:


1/2 small red cabbage

1 medium beetroot

1 carrot

1 medium cucumber

1 large orange

1/2 lime

2 inches of ginger


Wash and prep the ingredients. Use organic if possible.

Run all the ingredients, except citrus, though the juicer. Squeeze orange and lime using a citrus juicer or with your hands.
Combine the juicer contents and the squeezed citrus juice in a glass.