An Amazing Story Of A Trucker Who Went On A Plant-Based Diet

Truckers are easily led down to an unhealthy road, sitting whole days behind the wheels and eating at truck stops that are mostly packed with unhealthy choices.

Being a trucker and leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but not impossible!

Meet Bobby Anderson, a trucker who after 21 years on this job decided it was time to make a change.

Anderson decided to go on a plant-based diet and his results are just amazing! Beside weight-loss, he is also experiencing transformation in his overall health, leaving antidepressants and high blood pressure in the past.

Cooking his own meals is the main change he made, and although his meals are quick to make due to his lack of time, they are nutritious and not boring at all.

You can check out his progress and the meals he prepares on his Plant-Fueled Trucker Facebook page.

Spending about 14 hours a day, six days a week, behind a wheel, the sedentary lifestyle began to catch up with Anderson, a veteran Marine.

Trucker lost 65 pounds by cooking vegan meals on the road

Not surprisingly, along with the increasing mileage, the number on the scale started to increase as well for Anderson as he packed on the pounds. Truck stops, which are notorious for fast food options — typically a trucker’s only choice for meals during long hours — left Anderson with little to no time to hit the gym, and the unhealthy lifestyle began to catch up with him.

However, over the past year, the 45-year-old decided to commit to changing. The result was a 65-pound and counting weight loss.

So what did he do? It’s simple: He cut out fast food.No more BBQ or hush puppies — Southern comfort food staples.

The biggest game changer was that he began cooking his own meals. He put himself on a restrictive diet, cutting out all meat, fish and dairy, and adding nutritious fruits and vegetables like avocados, potatoes and blueberries to create a well balanced diet.

But how does he do it, being a nomad on the road?

It takes careful planning and a little bit of time on his day off. When he’s not on the road, he preps his meals for the coming week.

Trucker lost 65 pounds by cooking vegan meals on the road

“It takes all day to get ready to do this stuff, but it’s well worth it,” said Anderson.

So for all of us thinking we can’t commit to a healthier lifestyle because we just don’t have the time, Anderson proves anything is possible as long as you are determined.


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