Want a good homemade BBQ sauce with deep and rich flavor?

Then you should try this recipe out. It will add a great spicy flavor to your vegan BBQ meals.

Be careful while adding the chili pepper! Before you really spice up the sauce, you might want to check out how much heat you can handle!

Spicy Balsamic BBQ Sauce


1 ½ cups ketchup

1 cup apple cider vinegar

¾ cup balsamic vinegar

¾ cup maple syrup

2 Tbs. brown sugar

1 minced red onion

2 minced garlic cloves

1 Serrano pepper (chili pepper)



In a small saucepan, combine ketchup, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, brown sugar, red onion, garlic cloves and Serrano pepper that has been seeded (if you want less heat) and minced. Stir and let simmer, uncovered, for about 30 minutes until the sauce thickens.

Via One Green Planet