Let me introduce myself to you and share with you the story about how my passions and purpose became Vegamazing.Past few years of my life are marked by series of life changing events. After finishing my psychology studies, I moved to another country, which for me was a great leap of faith back then. Not knowing what to expect or how I will cope with the separation from my family and friends, I somehow felt it was one of the best decisions of my life. Don’t get me wrong tough. I had many serious crises and setbacks. But now, looking back, I see all those low points as a necessary preparation for something special to happen. Well, something special really did happen, and it came in a form of a rediscovery of my deepest passions, my true self and my purpose.Trying to find my way around in a new country, I started working on my graduate thesis on the subject of mindfulness. This led me into practicing meditation. Being totally immersed in this self-awareness process, I found myself more and more attracted to my spiritual development. I started working with a spiritual teacher (to whom I am forever grateful) that guided me through an intense but beautiful process of complete devotion to experiencing unconditional love.

It was during this process that I completely changed my eating habits, and became aware of plant-based food and its immense benefits to the human body, mind and spirit. And since I had to cook all this special food myself, I had to learn many new cooking techniques, in which I found great joy.

I started to sense a strong purposefulness in all this, which led me to search for a way to actively contribute to overall well-being on this planet. And I found it in sharing my passion for cooking plant-based food and spiritual development with all who also believe in nature’s interconnectedness and our important role in it.

I feel truly grateful for all opportunities, where I can show people that plant-based food is not boring, tasteless and unattractive, but flavorful, colourful, diverse, and full of healthy nutrients. I feel excited to demonstrate that its preparation doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. And I feel privileged to spread the awareness, that when we cook with the right attitude, the result is more than just food for our body. It becomes also food for our mind and spirit.

And what about this website?

It is home to many tasty experiences and experiments that came from my own or other people’s recipes, useful tips about plant-based food, amazing stories from plant-based food fans, vegan restaurants around the world, their menus and reviews. All in all, many different plant-based food experiences.

One of the main purposes of this site is to bring plant-based food closer to people who are not yet familiar with it and show them how rich, colourful and tasty it can be.

So, this is me and my website. Passionate about discovering, cooking and eating plant-based food, and sharing all that with you, so we can together enjoy Amazingly Good Vegan Food!

Yours truly,