Amazing vegan discoveries that take vegan experience to a whole new level!

We are not talking about highly processed junk, but plant-based foods that are changing the world of veganism.

Vegan cuisine has come a long way in the past decade. Latest discovery just proves that vegans cooking creativity goes beyond the limits! Now we have also meringue on the vegan list!

Still, there is a lot more to be discovered. So, let’s keep on experimenting and contributing to our delicious vegan cuisine!

There are lot of discoveries worth to be mentioned here, but we chose these 3 as the most interesting.

1. Aquafaba

Vegan Foods Breakthroughs that Changed Veganism

Don’t be scared by the name! Aquafaba is just bean cooking liquid. The community has started calling it aquafaba, because we thought “bean juice” didn’t do this magical egg replacer justice. Garbanzo or white bean liquid seem to get the best results, but you can also use red bean, black bean, or lentil, as long as you have enough liquid.

For most baking recipes, three tablespoons of aquafaba replaces one egg. Folks have used it to make cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies. Even meringue! If you want to see the amazing food science in action, there’s a Facebook group dedicated to hits and misses with aquafaba.

This is the latest breakthrough in vegan cooking, and the way that it mimics egg in a recipe is uncanny. Skeptical? I was too, but since making my first aquafaba meringue, you can consider me convinced!


2. Vegan Cheese

Vegan Foods Breakthroughs that Changed Veganism

Classic Double Cream Chive cheese photo via Miyoko’s Creamery


Wait! I know, vegan cheese can be so, so bad. And so, so processed. But there are companies out there now making fermented vegan cheese out of nuts that rival their dairy cousins. Really. We are getting so good at it, that even NPR is covering the power of vegan cheese.

A lot of vegan hubs also have locals making their own vegan cheese. Here in Atlanta, my friend Allison makes the best cashew cheeses that I’ve ever eaten. My mom – who grew up in France – even gave Allison’s Pure Abundance cheese her stamp of approval. If my mom gives a cheese the thumbs up, you know that it’s good.


3. Whipped Coconut Cream

Vegan Foods Breakthroughs that Changed Veganism

Coconut Whip courtesy of Minimalist Baker


When I went vegan almost a decade ago, I was pretty sure that I’d never have whipped cream again. There are some more processed vegan whips out there now, but if you want a whole food, plant-based whipped cream, look no further than a can of coconut milk.

Just like my late Nani Dorothy’s homemade whipped cream, you only need two ingredients to make this. Three if you want to be fancy. And just like when Nani made whipped cream, you get to lick the beaters when you’re done!

I know: coconut’s health claims are dubious at best. But remember that coconut bacon and coconut whip are replacing bacon and heavy cream. Vegan food doesn’t always have to be health food. It just has to be free of animal products.


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